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6 pieces of advice to help fight against cellulitis

The mere mention of the word cellulitis sends a shiver down the spine, especially for women as over 90% of the latter are affected by it nowadays.

The appearance of orange-peel skin can be a headache and most of us have thought of how to get rid of it. Because of this, in today’s post we’re going to talk about a series of tips or pieces of advice to help us fight cellulitis. Take note and act on them right away if you want the results to be seen. Let’s begin!

  1. Keep your body moist

It is recommendable to drink at least a litre and a half of water per day in all cases, and if you are fighting cellulitis things are no different. If you moisturise yourself enough, this will help you to eliminate toxins, to burn fat, and to reduce fluid retention. If you want this to be more effective, or if you get bored drinking just water, try different types of tea.

  1. Practice a sport or do exercise daily

Sport in itself will not make cellulitis disappear, but it always helps to burn calories and therefore to restrict the storing of fat. Moreover, exercise stimulates circulation of the blood and allows you to keep your skin smooth. Conclusion: exercise can only be beneficial. Get that body moving!

  1. Try to follow a healthy diet

It is essential to eat a balanced diet and be aware of what the foods we are eating contain. Avoiding foods such as refined sugar, carbohydrates, and salt will help you in your aim of curbing and preventing orange-peel skin.

  1. Don’t wear tight clothes

To fight against cellulitis you should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. They restrict the circulation of the blood and encourage fluid retention and therefore the appearance of cellulitis. Be careful with skinny fashions!

  1. Take cold showers… whenever you can stand it

It’s now spring and good weather is on the way, so following this piece of advice will get easier and easier. To keep your skin smooth, at least finish your shower with cold water. This simple routine will stimulate the circulation of your blood and this will help your body to prevent the appearance of cellulitis.

  1. Apply anti-cellulite cream

If you use anti-cellulite cream daily as a routine you will achieve a visible improvement, especially on the outer layers of your skin. Moreover, this will help to prevent the appearance of the dreaded orange-peel skin or the worsening of its appearance.

At Agrado Cosmetic we have reduction effect Anti-cellulite Cream that has been formulated to help to eliminate localised fat and to reduce orange-peel skin in the most difficult areas. When we massage these areas with the product this has a positive effect on microcirculation, improving lymphatic drainage and reducing fluid retention.

Another related option is Agrado Cosmetic’s Flat Stomach Cream with a draining effect. Its daily use together with a brief massage to encourage the mobilisation of fats will help you to obtain a light flat stomach and also gives your skin extra moisture and softness. It is particularly suitable for those areas where localised fat is most persistent, such as the stomach, waist, and hips.

If you take these tips as a daily ritual and keep at it, we are sure that you will manage to keep cellulitis at bay and reduce its impact. Eliminating cellulitis is no easy task, but this advice will help you to prevent it and stop it getting any worse. Remember the plan: combine a healthy diet, physical exercise, and a healthy lifestyle, keep at it, and use anti-cellulite creams. Shall we have a go?

See you next time!


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