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Are you making waves? How to achieve the most natural look around

Current trends point towards wild wavy hair with a lot of volume. We’ve left straight Japanese hair behind for a more uninhibited look, which is also known as ‘Surfing Waves” or the “Beach Effect”.

This look has become an object of desire and even women who were not born with wavy hair look for ways to achieve it without leaving home.

What can I use to get ‘Surfing Waves’?

Surfing waves can be achieved by the application of various techniques. The most common is that of applying direct heat with an iron to the hair. The problem with this technique is that it tends to damage our hair; it dries it out and in summer this may be oppressive.

For this reason we offer an alternative on today’s blog, which is no less than applying specific products to mould our hair and achieve natural waves so you can look great in a moment.

In fact, last summer Agrado Cosmetic launched its Hair Styling Surfing Waves Texturising Spray as part of its hair range, precisely to give a quick, simple, and effective means of achieving this look.

Hair Styling Surfing Waves Spray gives a wavy finish to all hair types quickly and simply and has just been voted Product of the Year for 2018 by over 10,000 consumers because of its innovation and value for money.

This type of spray allows you to achieve a wavy effect in just seconds by following three simple steps:

How to use the Agrado Surfing Waves Texturising Spray:

  1. Apply the spray.
  2. Shake out your hair with your hands to form “imperfect” waves.
  3. Dry your hair in the air or use a dryer.

The product works because it contains agents that help to create soft natural waves without damaging your hair, and also sea salt. The final result is wavy hair with a very natural finish.

Surfing Waves all year round

Although we call it ‘Surfing Waves’ or the ‘Beach Effect’, this look is so trendy that it stands out at any season. Indeed, celebrities look great with surfing waves even on the red carpet as this is an ideal look.

So there you are, if you want perfectly imperfect waves like some celebrities but without going to the hairdresser’s and without using irons directly on your hair… This is our secret for showing off a natural, free, and uninhibited look.

Till next time!

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