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Facial tonic – the forgotten product of your daily cleaning routine

By now we all know how important it is to cleanse our skin after a day of attacks from all sides: pollution, make-up, our own hands…

Being disciplined every night with our cleaning routine will not only allow our skin to look healthy for longer but will also be a great help in preventing premature aesthetic ageing or the appearance of the dreaded acne.

Having said this, and now that we are all nodding in agreement and thinking that for some time now (some of us for longer) we have put our skates on and follow to the letter our daily routine of removing our make-up, we’d like to talk about facial tonic.

That’s right, tonic. The step that is as unknown to some as it is important for others. The thing is that although this may not be you, there are still a lot of queries as to the use of this cosmetic. We will try to shed some light on them with four basic points.



When is facial tonic applied?

Using tonic is the stage that follows the cleansing of your skin, for example with cleansing milk, and comes before you apply moisturising cream. Remember that before going on to the cream we must allow the tonic to be absorbed or completely eliminated.


Why is facial tonic so important?

Because it cleans these last remains of dirt from our skin together with those of the product that we have used before for cleansing. Furthermore, facial tonic moisturises and helps to close the pores and thus prepares the skin for the next product we are going to apply.

Is tonic only for women?

No, definitely not. Facial tonic is highly recommendable for any facial cleansing, including for men. It is indeed a wonderful alternative if you don’t like using after-shave.

What if I don’t have time? Is there no alternative to facial tonic?

There’s always an alternative, because products should be there to make our life easier and adapt to our circumstances and not make it more difficult.

A good option if you are short of time is micellar water. This product type removes make-up and cleans your skin without the need for rinsing. That’s very handy. But the thing is that micellar water also has an invigorating effect that can replace the tonic whenever you can’t or don’t want to use it.

In another post we’ll talk about all aspects of micellar water as this product deserves full treatment.

To sum up, get some facial tonic in your life. You’ll notice the difference. Then tell us about it on the blog!

Till next time then. Don’t forget to post your comments!


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