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Find out the reasons why you should use after sun in summer.

After sun is more important than we think and should be used whenever we expose ourselves to the sun, and not only on the days when your skin feels irritated after a long day at the beach.

Not only can the sun have unwanted effects, but water and wind can also dry out your skin, making it more sensitive and vulnerable. One of your best allies to combat these symptoms is precisely a good after sun. Pay close attention, because in this post we are going to show you the properties, benefits and other general aspects of this product. Here we go!

What properties should a good after sun have?

After sun is a body lotion whose formula must contain moisturising agents, as well as soothing, refreshing and skin-regenerating agents. This composition is what makes it benefit our skin after being outdoors and exposed to the sun.

When we resort to after sun, our skin is damaged and needs to regenerate cells to speed up new skin growth, and for this reason we need our product to have the necessary active ingredients to effectively repair the skin as required.

After Sun Hidrocalmante, which you can find in Agrado Cosmetic’s new suncare line, contains these agents, plus ginger extract. Furthermore, its spray format makes it user-friendly and very practical so you can apply it anytime you want. Because sometimes laziness is the worst enemy of body care, right?

producto- after sun efecto hidrocalmante

What benefits does it offer?

If you get used to using after sun, you will notice that your skin will be well moisturised and feel extra healthy with a sense of well-being. Another thing that you will notice with a good after sun is the feeling that it lowers the temperature of your skin, leaving it feeling instantly fresh.

When should I apply after sun?

As its name suggests, after sun should be applied after being exposed to the sun. Ideally, you should use a generous layer all over your body after showering, as you would with other types of lotions.

After sun can be applied again as many times as you think necessary—it will be an extra bonus to help moisturise and repair your skin! Of course, keep in mind that if skin irritation or sunburn is severe and does not disappear, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist to assess the damage.


Should I carry on using it after summer?

Of course! We can continue to use after sun even if summer has passed, and days of going to the beach, pool and sunbathing are over.

It contains moisturising, regenerating and soothing agents, making it beneficial for your skin at any time of the year.


And remember that you should ALWAYS use an appropriate SPF to avoid damaging your skin so much if you are going to spend all day in the sun. Try to suffer as little as possible and help moisturise after sun exposure with after sun.

That’s all for today’s post! We hope you have got to know a little better what after sun is, as well as its properties and benefits. #Protectandrepairyourskin this summer. What did you think of this post? Leave your comments here on the blog.

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