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How to maintain your dyed hair or highlights

No doubt you have thought at some time of touching up your image or as we often say of “changing your look” and among other alternatives you decide to dye your hair. With a change of colour you renew your image and nowadays this is very often done to give life to your hair.

What happens to our hair when we dye it?

When we dye our hair it becomes more porous and also becomes dehydrated more quickly than usual. This not only affects the health of our hair but also means that the strong shiny colour we obtain the first day gradually fades.

Light and in particular UV rays also contribute towards this effect of the weakening of the colour.

And here’s the question: how do we maintain and look after the colour?

In this post we give you five basic pieces of advice to make sure your hair is always shiny and pretty. So don’t worry. Let’s begin!

  1. Use a special shampoo

You must find a special shampoo for dyed hair or highlights, as these products generally contain extra moisturising and protective effects that help your hair to look healthy and retain its colour.

The new Colour therapy line from Agrado Cosmetic includes a special shampoo for dyed hair with provitamin B5 for moisturising and strengthening your hair as well as protecting its colour.

  1. Use deep conditioners

Buy a conditioner suitable for dyed hair. It will help you to hydrate and untangle your hair more easily.

If you have the time, leave the conditioner to act on wet hair for at least 5 minutes and then rinse.

This product will become one of your best hair care allies. Allow us to recommend you the conditioner of Agrado Cosmetic’s Colour therapy line. It will keep your hair soft thanks to the agents it contains and it will protect the colour of your hair at the same time.

  1. Hydrate your hair as much as possible

To give extra hydration to your mane, use a hair mask for dyed hair. Let it act for as long as you consider necessary. You can make use of the time you take for doing other tasks of your daily routine.

If you use the mask at least twice a week you will find that your hair doesn’t dry out. Agrado’s Colour therapy line also includes a hair mask that you can add to your hair care routine. If you use it frequently your hair will have a unique shine and its colour will be as bright as it was to begin with.

  1. Don’t wash your hair with hot water

We know it’s hard not to wash your hair with hot water in winter, but it’s much better to use cold or lukewarm water. According to the experts hot water dries out both hair and skin. Cold or colder water will help you to maintain the colour and shine of your hair.

  1. Don’t use the dryer too much and watch the heat!

Subjecting your hair to high temperatures is not a good idea. Dryers, irons, or curling tongs create elaborate hairstyles that delight us but they cause a lot of damage to our hair; they dry it out and lead to split ends.

Use heat protectors and try not to use these tools too much because dyed hair suffers more than natural hair and it is unadvisable to subject it to more stress.


And that’s it for today’s post! We hope that you have enjoyed it and that these tips will help you to maintain dyed hair or hair with highlights. Apply them during your daily routine and protect and revive your colour!

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