What haircuts will be in for 2018

A fresh start to the year or almost the same thing for some: a new haircut. If you are still trying to decide what’s best for you, we’ve come to help you with news of what will be the trendy it-girl hairstyles for next year.

XXL Long Bob

You must be tired of hearing all year that the in haircut was the Long Bob as a development of the earlier Bob trend. If this doesn’t mean anything to you, don’t worry at all because we’ll tell you all about it.

The Long Bob is just a longer version of the Bob haircut with more shaping and movement that allows you to experiment with layers


As less is not always more, for 2018 the XXL Long Bob will be the hairstyle to have. As you know it is a longer version of the previous trend.



Those of you who are bolder with the scissors or simply find short hair more convenient are in luck. The Pixie style, which has been enjoying success as the haircut of the famous for some time now, will also be one of the major trends for 2018.

If you have pronounced or strong features it will suit you very well, and it is also a good idea if you have thin hair as it will make the most of it and look better than a longer style.



If you are unsure about this short cut we suggest you try it out by pulling back your hair first and above all by talking it over with your stylist before taking the plunge. We don’t want any upsets at the beginning of the year. Hair grows back, but it really takes its time.


The most flattering and levelling haircut comes in with this ultra-futuristic name. Why have we chosen it? Because it means basically an “à la carte” layered style with more diagonal trimming than a Bob, and helps to take volume off hair that needs it or give waves and movement to  straighter hair.

The progressive and sharper layering that has always been around now becomes more subtle and the layers are interspersed so you can’t tell where they start or where they end. This gives you the movement and the natural shape of hair that is less rigid than with standard layers.


What do you think of these proposals? Have you already gone for one of these styles? Are you bold enough to try them?

See you next time!



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